Miss V - Smoothie Wit

Miss V - Smoothie Wit 
Prijs: €10,90

The Smoothie Massager from Miss V glides best when used in conjunction with some massage oil or water-based lubricant. Apply the oil or lubricant over the skin first. The 4 massage arms can be easily guided over the body. Vary the pressure, angle and speed, for an all-round relaxing experience.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, Smoothie optimally adapts to the anatomy of the body and offers up different types of massages: deep, tight, precise-point or deep tension. You can also take Smoothie into the shower or into the bath to keep the fun going. The toy should only be used with water-based lubricants, as silicone-based lubricants would damage the material. Where and when required, you can clean the toy with a bit soap and water. To clean the toy, you can also use a toy cleaning product.

Material: high quality plastic
Total length: 8.5 cm x 6.5 cm
Length (arms): 2 cm
Weight: 30g
Easy to clean
Massage equipment
4 handles
For sweet moments of relaxation
Relieves and massages
Suitable for every skin type