MOQQA - Bay Aardbei

MOQQA - Bay Aardbei 
Prijs: €49,90

The ergonomically designed BAY lay-on vibrator adapts ideally to the curves of a woman's body. It also feels soft on the skin. Simply place it on the intimate area, so that the clitoris and the labia are optimally stimulated with the intense vibrations. A helping of water-based lubricant will enhance the experience.

The ergonomically shaped vibrator fits comfortably to the female pleasure areas and stimulates them, with gentle vibrations and powerful pulsating movements. With this model, you have a total of 12 varied vibration modes to try out. Naturally, BAY can also be used to stimulate other hot-spots and to stimulate every inch of your body. Whether it's the breasts, thighs or buttocks, the stimulating vibrations will penetrate your entire body. The toy should only be used with water-based lubricants, as silicone-based lubricants would damage the material. Where and when required, you can clean the toy with a bit soap and water. To clean the toy, you can also use a toy cleaning product.

- Material: medical silicone
- Length: 11 cm
- Charging time: 40 min
- Running time: 90 min
- Splash-proof
- Soft, easy-to-use vibrator
- Varied vibrations
- Versatile stimulation of external hotspots