MOQQA - Pearl Light Aardbei

MOQQA - Pearl Light Aardbei 
Prijs: €19,90

Thanks to their ergonomic shape and soft, skin-friendly material, the PEARL Light Love Beads can be gently inserted into the vagina. Water-based lubricants can also help you insert the love beads. The toy can be easily pulled out again at any time by gently tugging the handle.

The light balls are made of silicone and they train your pelvic floor - increasing the strength of the orgasm during sex and giving him a tighter sensation during sex. Furthermore, a strong pelvic floor prevents incontinence and helps a woman recover strength in the area after having given birth.

With their ergonomic design, their soft surface and their low weight, the love balls are easily inserted and they are perfect for beginners who want to work on training their pelvic floor muscles.

Beginners should start the workout with a maximum of 15 minutes workout per day. More experienced women can carry the vaginal balls up to 4 hours per day. The toy should only be used with water-based lubricants, as silicone-based lubricants would damage the material. Where and when required, you can clean the toy with a bit soap and water. To clean the toy, you can also use a toy cleaning product.

- Material: silicone
- Total length: approx. 15 cm
- Insertion length: approx. 7 cm
- ō approx. 3 cm
- Weight: 2 x 30 g
- Waterproof
- Suitable for beginners
- Training for the pelvic floor muscles
- For enhanced feeling during sex and a more powerful orgasm
- To prevent incontinence and post-natal regression