S&M - Shadow Whip

S&M - Shadow Whip 
Prijs: €24,95

Sensuously spanked. This small but sturdy whip offers both a seductive swat or a superb lashing - your choice. You can have either thanks to the its narrow contact area. The tip is extremely flexible for a good sound "whap". Go ahead! Crack your whip with confidence with the seamless control this easy, sturdy grip provides. Create real snap with the vegan leather Shadow Whip. This bull-whip like whip has a beaded handle and braided (plaided) tail with 5 inch falls at the tip.

Product Specifications:
- Handle strap for hanging on to
- 6 beads for a comfortable grip
- Bull whip like look and feel
- 13 cm falls at the tip for added impact
- Ingredients: 37% polyester, 35% polyurethane, 25% polypropylene, 3% nickel free metal
- Includes: 1 whip, total length is 76 cm, 13 cm handle, 51 cm tail