SVARA - Fylla Grijs

SVARA - Fylla Grijs 
Prijs: €34,90

The Fylla butt plug by Svara can be smoothly inserted into the anus thanks to its conical design. Its compact size makes it perfect for taking the first steps in anal sex. A helping of water-based lubricant facilitates insertion and makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Fylla's useful handle makes it easy to insert the toy and move it around inside. The handle also serves as a 'stopper' that prevents overly deep penetration. The butt plug can be used for stimulating foreplay and to stretch before anal sex. Or generally as an exercise for anal sex, to provide more flexibility. The waterproof Fylaa butt plug can also be used in the shower or in the bath.

The toy should only be used with water-based lubricants, as silicone-based lubricants would damage the material. Where and when required, you can clean the toy with a bit soap and water. To clean the toy, you can also use a toy cleaning product.

- The butt plug for beginners
- Handle to prevent overly deep penetration
- Ideal for preparing for anal sex
- For train flexibility of the anus
- Material: medical silicone
- Length: 8.7 cm; diameter approx. 2.5 cm
- Waterproof

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