The Screaming O - Toone Vibe Roze

The Screaming O - Toone Vibe Roze 
Prijs: €67,95

The Affordable Rechargeable toone is a rechargeable dual-motor vibrator with two "ears" powered in tandem to offer
intense, isolated vibration. Each ear delivers 20 FUNctions of deep, rumbling Vooom vibration, including ten steady speeds and patterns that syncopate between the two ears.
The flexible but firm True Silicone construction lets you pinpoint those vibrations right where you want them or use the two ears for a more enveloping experience. The rechargeable toone is powered by a safer Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery that provides 60+ minutes of vibrations on a single charge and
features a 2-year limited warranty. Whether solo or with a partner, the dual-motor design of the Affordable Rechargeable toone is a perfect way to get your motor running.

- Rechargeable flexible dual-motor vibrator
- Two flexible "ears" with individual motors
- Deep, rumbling Vooom vibration
- 20 FUNctions, including syncopated patterns and ten steady speeds
- Made of lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone

- Battery type used: Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer
- Battery Life: 60+ minutes on highest setting
- Material: True Silicone
- Product Type: Dual Motor Rechargeable Vibrator
- Functions: 20 Functions

- Latex + phthalate free
- Water Proof
- Wireless