VOU - Flocco Paars

VOU - Flocco Paars 
Prijs: €49,90

The Flocco love beads set from VOU will help strengthen your pelvic floor! Thanks to their ergonomic shape and soft, skin-friendly material, love beads can be gently inserted into the vagina. Water-based lubricants can also be used to help you insert the love beads. The toy can be easily pulled out again at any time by gently tugging on the handle. Beginners are better starting out with lighter love beads. Afterwards, to help keep things varied, heavier love beads can be used.

These love beads help to strengthen your pelvic floor and vaginal musculature permanently. Pelvic floor training is particularly effective when you keep moving whilst the love beads are inserted - for example during showering or whilst you're shopping. Beginners ought to start out with approximately 15 minutes of daily usage and then increase the length of time gradually. After a short time, women can look forward to increased sensitivity and a stronger orgasm. Their partner will certainly notice an even tighter feeling during sexual intercourse. The toy should only be used with water-based lubricants, as silicone-based lubricants would damage the material. Where and when required, you can clean the toy with a bit soap and water. To clean the toy, you can also use a toy cleaning product. The charging cable is included in the delivery. It must be plugged into the USB port on a PC or a socket adapter. Simply connect the metallic contact points to the magnetic surfaces at the bottom of the toy. The LED light flashes = the batteries is charging. The LED light is on but does not flash repeatedly = the battery is fully charged.

Material: medical silicone
Easy to clean
Weight (heavy love beads): 100 g
Weight (light love beads): 50 g
Length (heavy love beads): 18.8 cm
Length (light love beads): 13.3 cm
ō approx. 4.3 cm
Set of light and heavy love beads
Strengthen the pelvic floor

For flexible training.

Increased orgasm ability for women.